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  • United - but individual!

  • Six formerly independent villages, located in the vicinity, in the 1970s became a part of Marktheidenfeld: Altfeld, Glasofen, Marienbrunn, Michelrieth, Oberwittbach and Zimmern. Since then, the feeling of togetherness has continuously increased in a positive development. The districts still managed to keep their individuality and village solidarity until today. The city encourages this by supporting community centers, youth settings and clubs of all kinds in the districts.

    During the time of the territorial reform and the national trend to build larger administrative units, the town of Marktheidenfeld incorporated Glasofen in 1972, Zimmern in 1974, Marienbrunn in 1975 and Altfeld, Michelrieth and Oberwittbach in 1975.
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