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  • City Twinning:

  • First contacts were made in 1985 with the French town Montfort-sur-Meu in the French region Brittany. They became more intense until in 1988 both towns entered into a formal partnership in 1988.

    The twinning is organized by two partnership committees, one in each city. After so many years a lot of relationships have been built between clubs, institutions, schools, the local fire brigade and private persons. Marktheidenfeld has received several awards honoring the efforts for the promotion of European ideas and ist many activities for the benefit of the twinnings.
  • 2002
    1st Town Award from the Region of  Lower Franconia
     Diploma of Honor from the Council of Europe
    1st Twinning Prize from the Region  of Lower Franconia for the volunteer fire brigade
     Flag of Honor from the Council of Europe
    2nd Twinning Prize  "Media and Culture" from the District of Lower Franconia for the Partnership Committee
    Twinning Award "Sport and Social" from the Region of Lower Franconia
    Second Prize for the Kolping Family Marktheidenfeld
    Third Prize for the Association for Environmental Protection and the Municipal Youth Services Marktheidenfeld
    Award for Marktheidenfeld and Pobiedziska from the German-Polish Foundation for the best project in regional self-government in 2011
  • In a Europe which groes closer together after the fall of the Iron Curtain, it was the wish of Marktheidenfeld to improve partner relationships towards the east of Europe.

    After first contacts in 2004 and 2005 with the town of Pobiedziska (situated between Posen and Gnesen) the twinning documents were signed in in 2007 at Pobiedziska and on October 3, 2008 at Marktheidenfeld. Podbiedziska and Montfort sur Meu have been related by a partnership since 1992.

    So a trilateral partnership was established, with Marktheidenfeld playing an intermediary role, geografically speaking. Relationships are built and strengthened very gently: several youth meetings and general meetings as well as student exchanges with Pobiedziska were carried out and the first projects involving mainly the young people of the three towns have been lauched. For instance, a trinational project group has been built for the topic "water". On the initiatve of the local branch of the Association for the protection of the Environment the was a summer camp at Rodowo in Poland with children from Marktheidenfeld and Pobiedziska, "on the tracks of Winnetou".

  • The new logo of the trilateralen partnership

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